Miseno - Jewels

Foglia di Mare

The sea flows with color and energy, influencing the rhythm of life. The pristine coastlines of the Mediterranean have inspired artists for centuries. Masters like Matisse were drawn tot he distinct colors, movement and light. Here, it’s the life underneath the surface that inspired this unique collection. With vibrant colors and fluid designs, Foglia di Mare pieces are wearable art as beautiful, as individual as the women that wear them.



The sun shines inspiration on the music, art and passion of the Neapolitan culture and so it serves as the inspiration for this collection; capturing the effect of beaming rays in varying lengths and finishes. The pieces radiate with the energy of O Sole Mio (my sun) in timeless jewelry designs.


An icon of femininity, the fan symbolizes grace and movement, elegance and mystery. Dating back to 400 BC, the fan is one of the oldest women’s accessories and a classic with the women of Italy. The delicate lines and movement of the fan’s shape translate beautifully into stylish, modern jewelry.


The power of Vesuvio